TruFaves cuts through the noise to help you find "recommendations you'll really love from people you really know!"

From your favorite beauty products and services, vacation spots, restaurants, workouts, books & podcasts, even your go-to healthcare providers and wellness gurus, you can save and easily share with your friends… all in one handy place!

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From your favorite beauty products, places and even your go-to healthcare providers, you can save and easily share with friends. 

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Ask for a Fave

Looking for a new Mediterranean restaurant to try or a new vacation destination? With TruFaves, you can ask your circle of friends for their recommendations.

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Snag a Fave

From workouts to books & podcasts, or wellness gurus, snag your friends’ faves to save for later. 

Your favorite restaurants, beauty products, fitness studios, health services, books & podcasts, travel destinations – and more.

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Need to find a skin care product that really works? Or the best place for that important business lunch? Ask your friends on TruFaves!

Just ask for a Fave and let the recommendations roll in!

Keep all your faves in one place

TruFaves takes the uncertainty out of recommendations …and makes sharing them quick, easy & private.

Meet the Founder

Alison Gorman

Alison Gorman served 4 years in the U.S. Navy as a Nurse Corps Officer before diving headfirst into the world of TV news reporting, landing her dream job within 4 years.   Along the way, she has accomplished many more goals, including a medical mission to Haiti, anchoring special reports focusing on health problems in the community, and being awarded a VIP health hero award.

The idea for TruFaves was born in a New York City apartment after a night out with friends who are constantly swapping recommendations and looking for an easier way to do so.   After a lot of research, some development trial and error, and a beta test, TruFaves was ready to launch. 

TruFaves is all about real reviews
from real people

Despite increased ad spend being sent in the direction of influencer marketing, most people do not trust influencers, and that trust is declining:

0 %
regularly ask friends for recommendations
0 %
of people distrust influencer marketing
0 %
trust social media less than they did 2 years ago

We know that
privacy is important to our users – and we value that trust


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TruFaves is on its second iteration. The platform has grown to nearly 3,000 users. Please help us expand by inviting your go-to, trusted sources for faves into your circle. If you are the person your friends are always asking for recommendations from, then we’d love to have you on our “ambassador team.” Ambassadors help us spread the word to get more active users. You can also earn equity in the company with your participation. 

Email: if interested.